About us:

The talk among friends in a car one day on Rama 9 Road was how and where we started our milestone… Think Design Co., Ltd. has been established since 2001 with the combination of the three individual thoughts that has the same interest to own an Interior Construction & Tailor made furniture manufacturing company;

“While I was studying at a Faculty of House ware & Furniture of Bangkok Technical Campus, as soon as I finished my first chair, I told myself…This is a love of my life!!…”
-- Khemanun Khunvanit – General Manager

“While I was working as an Interior Consultant, the main problems I found originally were from lack of good managerial skills, problem solving skills and a mindset of time management. So, I promised to myself…If I have that chance, my company must offer the best project management in Thailand”
--Thanaphon Prachayatheeraku—Project Manager

“After I had graduated from a Faculty of House ware & Furniture of Bangkok Technical Campus in 1993 and worked for 2 years, I was determined to be a good business owner of a Furniture Manufacturing Company within 10 years…”
--Kiatichai Boonruethaiku--Purchasing Manager

Vision and Mission:

There are varieties of ways to deliver your feeling through Interior works which can be expressed through the use of different materials, design, finishing technique and modern technology.
With our strong will, we aim to be an expert who produces and delivers interior works and furniture by utilizing unique techniques together with the knowhow and use of modern technology.  
Our mission is to offer and provide our customers and designers the best products and services with the highest quality, controlled process and standardization.

Our product and services:

Interior Construction, Built-In Furniture and Loose Furniture for both domestic and international residence, condominium, office, store, shop and hotels

Registered Capital:         Baht 3,000,000